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candiSee is the first social recruiting platform for the Millennial/Gen Z workforce to build lasting relationships with recruiters from the beginning of their career search. Start Connecting Today!

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Express who you are, instead of just words bulleted on a piece of paper. Think SnapChat meets LinkedIn!

How It Works

Everything needed to find a new job, in the palm of your hand. Search for a new job, share some details and a cover video, and watch the job prospects grow!

Cover Video Recording

Record a short cover video to introduce yourself and why you’re applying.

Explore Opportunities

Search and swipe through job opportunities.

Show Your Personality

With the "iCandi" feature, show employers who you are and why you should be hired.

Application Management

Track the timeline of your application from initial review all the way to hired!

Know Where You Stand

Real-time updates.

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Start building your relationship with people that can help you pursue the career path your looking for.

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The Difference

We look to build a candidate / recruiter advocacy relationship. We feel the candidate/recruiter relationship shouldn’t stop with one job placement; we want you to build a foundation and work together for years to come.

Why Us

We are the first social recruiting platform empowering the Millennial/Gen Z workforce to highlight their strengths and assets in a fun but effective medium. Build lasting relationships anchored in who you are and what you want to do.

Instant Connection


Here at candiSee we don’t believe in resumes. How can a piece of paper determine the value you can offer a potential employer? We cannot promise a resume will never be asked for (by a recruiter while you’re interviewing), but candiSee does not allow you to upload a resume because we don’t believe in it.

LinkedIn is still rooted in the value of the resume. Highlighting experience and education as drivers of potential networking and job opportunities, LinkedIn only shows what you’ve done in the traditional, rigid format of a piece of paper. candiSee breaks free from the social norm and focuses on who you are and what you want to do. It promotes freedom of self expression and builds lasting careers through a focus on culture fit and personality.

candiSee believes in protecting its candidates from potential biases as a core pillar of our mission. We track recruiter behavior and can identify patterns indicating multiple forms of biases. Those recruiters are removed from the platform, ensuring candidates that the connections you seek are of the highest quality and integrity.

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